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In 2020 with the generous support of our donors, Permian Basin Area Foundation awarded $9,089,494 in grants and scholarships. Of that, the Foundation awarded $2,910,100 through the semi-annual competitive grant cycles for nonprofits in the Permian Basin and TransPecos regions.

During 2020, and well into 2021, the communities in our region have faced many challenges, and our nonprofits have stepped up with remarkable diligence to respond. To support their service efforts and funding needs, our PBAF Emergency Relief Fund has provided grants more than $2.3 million through March of 2021.

The virtue of the PBAF Emergency Relief Fund, established in 2001, is to provide a vehicle through which donors may contribute financial assets for the rapid deployment of grants to organizations that serve communities making grants to organization that serve communities for disaster relief or emergency hardships.

All of the Foundation’s grants are awarded through donor recommendations, allocations from designated funds and agency endowments, and the semi-annual competitive grant cycles. To learn more about grant opportunities, visit www.pbaf.org/nonprofits or contact Meagan Harris, Grants Administrator.

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Permian Basin Rehab Center

Permian Basin Rehab Center

Asset 8

Manor Park Fishing Derby

Young Lives

Young Lives Camp

Asset 10

Midland Children’s Rehab Center

Asset 11

Meals on Wheels Alpine

Asset 12

March of Dimes