Memorial gifts honoring Amy Bell

The Board of Governors and staff of Permian Basin Area Foundation join the Bell family in celebrating Amy’s life and mourning her loss. Memory gifts can be directed to the Amy Bell Fund. The Foundation will acknowledge your kindness to her family.

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Dr. Tillapaugh creates public history fund

Permian Basin Area Foundation is pleased to announce the Tillapaugh Public History Fund. Created by Dr. J. Tillapaugh, this fund provides resources to advance knowledge and understanding of history and culture in West Texas communities. The Tillapaugh Public History Fund targets established nonprofit entities that serve the public and supports special projects involving local and regional historic structures, museums, libraries, publications, and societies or associations.

Public history features the heritage of the community in diverse ways. The restored structure displays the built environment, the local museum collects the artifacts of life, the library archives preserve the records of the past, and the society of the interested fosters the exchanges and publications. Unlike in the academic classroom, where teachers instruct students in received curricula, the public historian is often a volunteer who uses whatever special may be at hand to interpret the popular culture gone by.The practice of public history usually involves the creative cobbling together of resources. Buildings require maintenance, artifacts need displayed, records help create publications, and social events benefit from amenities. Fund raising is perpetual. Beyond the basic budget, special presentations may prosper only from special supplements, which are the purpose here. -- Dr. J. Tillapaugh
A recipient of the Chancellor’s Council Award for Outstanding Teaching, Dr. Tillapaugh was a founding faculty member at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin and is former History Chair and Assistant Vice President for Graduate Studies. Although recently retired, he still teaches part-time. Dr. Tillapaugh has been recognized for his teaching, research, and public service. His many awards include the President’s Award for Distinction in Public Service and Community Statesman in Education. He has served as Project Professional for Public History Preservation Grants for seven major historic property restorations in Texas. “To know the history of West Texas is to honor those who pioneered the development and progress of our land and its resources,” said Guy McCrary, president of Permian Basin Area Foundation. “We are grateful to Dr. Tillapaugh for his generosity and for his foresight about the importance of preserving our past.” Permian Basin Area Foundation establishes permanent charitable funds in partnership with many donors, and manages assets to facilitate grants to address community needs and enrich the quality of life in the Permian Basin.

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Continuing a Legacy of Community Giving

Since 1989, Permian Basin Area Foundation has served as this region’s community foundation. Promoting a philosophy of “giving where you live,” the Foundation partners with generous donors to leave a lasting impact in communities throughout a 22-county region of West Texas.