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Permian Basin Area Foundation

Application Procedures

Before submitting a Pre-Application Summary Form, first-time applicants or repeat applicants with a change in key executive leadership or development staff are required to contact the Foundation no later than 30 days prior to the deadline to schedule a preliminary interview.
  1. An organization wishing to apply for a grant must complete and submit one copy of the Pre-Application Summary (SF-1) to the Foundation no later than the due dates of April 1 for the spring cycle or October 1 for the fall cycle. Pre-Applications must be emailed to Meagan Harris, Grants Administrator, mharris@pbaf.org, before midnight (CST) on these due dates. The Foundation will send an acknowledgment email upon receipt. Please contact the Foundation if you have not received our reply within 48 hours.
  2. Please email only the single page Pre-Application Summary form (SF-1) and, if necessary, the Grant Award Follow-up Form (SF-FW). No handwritten applications will be accepted and no other materials, including cover letters, will be reviewed by the Grants Committee at this time.
  3. Within approximately 30 days after the due date, the Foundation staff will notify those organizations from which the Grants Committee has requested a full application. A full application will be complete when one copy of the appropriate Standard Forms and additional documents indicated on the Standard Form Checklist are completed and submitted to the Foundation by the full application due date. The list of required forms differs depending on the purpose of the grant request. If your organization has not received a response from the Foundation within 30 days, please contact the Foundation office.
  4. Upon receiving a full application, the Foundation will conduct a full application review which may include an applicant interview, a site visit, and/or request for additional information.
  5. Following the review of full applications, the Grants Committee makes recommendations for awards to the Foundation’s Board of Governors. Once grants are approved by the Board, applicants will be notified in writing and email of the results of their application in late June for spring applications and mid-December for fall applications.
  6. Semi-annually, the Foundation hosts a news conference to announce grant awards. Grantees are invited to tell about their organization’s missions and the intended use of their grants.


Organizations who have received a previous grant award and new awardees must complete and submit a Grant Award Follow-Up Form (SF-FW) detailing the use of grant funds and the status of the project’s outcomes. Follow-Up Forms are due within two years of receiving the grant award or upon the complete expenditure of the award received (whichever comes first), and prior to application for further competitive grants.

Grant recipients are not eligible to re-apply until two full years after their last award. For example, if your organization received a grant in the fall of 2017, your next eligible grant cycle would be the fall of 2019.

Information regarding all grants made by the Foundation becomes a matter of public information, and recipient organizations are encouraged to publicly acknowledge the Foundation’s support. For more information and ideas on how to publicize your grant reference the Communications Guidelines for Grant Recipients.  

If you have further questions about the grant application process or grant opportunities, contact Meagan Harris at mharris@pbaf.org.