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Permian Basin Area Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Thank you for your interest in the Permian Basin Area Foundation scholarship program.

Below is a list of questions that students, parents, and school personnel often ask about the online scholarship application process.

The scholarship process opens January 1 and will close March 31. 

No, you will not be able to change or update your responses once you submit your application.

No, scholarships also take into account academic performance, college entrance testing, community and school involvement, the applicant’s response to the essay, and recommender's evaluation responses.  While many scholarships reference financial need, each criteria previously listed plays a role in the scholarship evaluation process.

Yes, good grades are not always the only requirement for scholarship opportunities. Some of our scholarships emphasize performance in leadership, community service and other extra-curricular activities. However, grades for scholarship recipients must be maintained at no less than a semester grade point average of a 2.5. 

Begin the application process early to allow sufficient time to complete the application and provide the required documentation.

Proofread your application and essay. Ask others to review the application and essay prior to submitting it to the Foundation.

Provide as much detailed information as possible. Remember that completing the application accurately and with attention to detail will increase your chances of qualifying for scholarships.

Applicants will be notified via email if they are selected to receive a scholarship award or have been denied for a scholarship award.

Please reach out to us at scholarships@pbaf.org or 432-617-3213.